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About Us


          is an experienced group of dedicated professionals committed to ensuring a memorable historical vacation experience. Our tours combine the interest of a historic tour with the leisure of a vacation. Historic America Tours embraces the concept of heritage tourism to provide an enjoyable learning experience combined with an unforgettable vacation experience. We are very proud that a portion of every tour goes towards supporting our national parks and local historic sites. Historic America Tours is an example of 'Heritage Tourism' that helps to preserve America's historic battlefields and places for future generations.


          Historic America Tours travel the iconic places that hold a special place in American history. Several tours have access to places not open to the public for a unique perspective exclusive to Historic America Tours. While touring the historic sites, the stories of historical figures come alive through our historian guides. A professional historian ready to provide a wealth of information accompanies every tour.

Our guides are professional historians known for their passionate teaching; as academics they continue to research and publish, increasing their expansive knowledge of early American history. On the tours, we explore not only some of the great battlefields of American history, but historic locations connected with them for a more comprehensive experience.



            As we travel from city to city, our tours include the great battlefields of American history, museums and notable historic structures. At the end of every day, a welcome stay in a comfortable hotel and group dinner make for a relaxing evening. Some tours include meals that allow guests to experience local and regional cuisine available nowhere else. Some tours include stays in historic hotels located in historic districts of some of the oldest cities in the United States. There is even unscheduled time for guests to explore and enjoy the historic districts at their leisure. Though the tours are not very physically demanding, we do walk portions of some battlefields. Visits to fortifications requires some climbing and descending some steps.

            The tour guides are professional historians and have played a significant role in planning the tours. Their insight into specific locales allows us to create a unique and memorable historical vacation experience. Our historian guides are passionate about history. As teachers and published scholars on tour topics, they do not simply convey the stories of soldiers but all those touched by the events, battles and campaigns to provide a more comprehensive experience.

            From exploring historic fortifications on the coast to some of the most iconic and hallowed battlefields and historic structures in America, Historic America Tours provides a memorable historic adventure vacation.



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