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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Historical American Tours (hereafter HAT) offer travel packages on the following terms and conditions:
Written Notice: All cancellations, changes in arrangements and reservations must be made in writing.
We are not obligated to act on information given via telephone until written notice has been received.
USPS mail, delivery service, fax and e-mail shall be accepted as official written notice.

Reservations, Deposits and Payment:


To reserve a tour: (1) complete the on-line Registration Form
and submit, then make deposit, partial or full payment online, or (2) printout and complete the
Registration Form, and mail with a check to the address printed on the form. The deposit is credited
towards the total cost of the tour. Fifty percent (50%) of the total tour cost is due ninety (90) days before
tour date; the remaining balance is due forty-five (45) days before tour date.

Cancellation and Refunds:


Cancellations received in writing by HAT up ninety (90) days before tour
date will be fully refunded. All cancellations received in writing by HAT between ninety (90) and sixty (60)
days before tour date the deposit will be forfeited; For cancellations received in writing by HAT between
sixty (60) and thirty (30) days before tour date, fifty percent (50%) of the tour cost will be forfeited.
Cancellations received less than thirty (30) days prior to tour date will result in no refund.

Travel Insurance:


It is recommended that you purchase a travel insurance package that include two
provisions: (1) one that covers refunds for last minute cancellations, and (2) one for emergency medical
coverage. Check your current medical coverage to insure its application in the locations of the tour and
medical emergencies during the tour.

Tour Participants:


To insure the smooth operation of our tours and amicable atmosphere HAT reserves
the right to include or reject any person, or persons, as a tour participant. We also reserve the right to
expel any person from the tour for any reason that the participant(s) who, in our opinion, is disruptive of
the group.

Physical Requirements:


Participants with disabilities or other handicaps are not restricted from travelling
with Historic America Tours. It is the responsibility of all participants for being in good health to undertake
any tour and for taking all medical precautions for their own personal medical requirements. Our tours
require walking, embarking and disembarking on shuttle buses, motor coaches, light rail trains, regular
passenger service trains and boats. Some tours require more physically demanding hiking. Not all trails
traversed are improved or can accommodate wheelchair accessibility. Each participant is responsible for
judging their own capacity for performing tour activities without delaying or infringing upon the progress of
the tour or other participants. Each participant, at the time of registration, must inform Historic America
Tours of any disability, handicap, health or dietary restriction or any other condition that may interfere with
or limit your participation on the tour.

Responsibility of HAT:


Historic America Tours is only the agent for the owners, contractors or suppliers
providing services, lodging and transportation utilized on our tours. As such, our liability is limited
specifically to the conditions assumed by us in these conditions, as stated on our website, any HAT
publication or other specific contract agreements with our providers. We are not responsible for baggage
loss or damage. HAT or its personnel is not responsible for losses or additional expense due to delays or
changes in schedules or transportation service, nor for injury, death, damage, delay or losses due to
weather, labor strikes, bankruptcy, quarantine, acts of war, terrorism or civil disturbances, governmental
edicts or regulations, acts of God, or any other causes beyond HAT control. By agreeing to these
conditions, all participants hold harmless HAT for any responsibility for damages or liability due to the
aforementioned causes.

Schedule Changes:


For services and accommodations described in tours that cannot be supplied due to
causes beyond HAT control, comparable alternatives will be furnished if at all possible. HAT assumes full

responsibility for adherence to published schedules. Unforeseen circumstances may require HAT make
changes or substitutions to any published tour. We also reserve the right to pass on to tour participants
any additional costs associated with such changes or substitutions.

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